Depth Chart

How do 25 or so guys split playing between 11 spots?  Well this is a concern for many players who have differing motivations and opinions on playing time.  Ideally a coach would clearly state the best 11 and start them together in games.  This unit would get substantial playing time with each other against opponets and form what is known as 'team chemistry'.  But with 25 guys fighting for 11 spots the daunting task of selecting 11 starters is nothing more than choosing those players who begin on the field; the regular substitution and switching of positions creates a mess on the field.  Its clear that our club team needs to address the problem of having so many players on the team. Some possible solutions follow(any additional ideas and/or comments should be posted in the message board so that everyone's ideas can be considered and hopefully lead to a solution).

Solution A:  Narrow the team down to 16-18 traveling players.  This is typical of a high school team.  The 5-7 substitutes include one goalie so their are 4-6 field players on the bench.    Some 80 guys tried out for the team but only 25 made the cut.  Why not have another cut to manage the size of the team?  Note: High School teams adopt a 'we play to win philosophy', not the AYSO equivalent: "we all win when everyone plays!"

Solution B:  Split the team in half.  Make a third club soccer team.  This team could add some players from the Heels who also have high numbers in addition to others who didn't make the team.

Solution C:  Create a depth chart that clearly states who the best players are position by position.  This is an absolute necessity for american football teams and basketball teams.  A depth chart objectively states who is the best at each position and therefore who will start at that position.  Thus those players who earn their starting positions deserve to play the whole game, except for obvious exceptions(injury, out of shape, yellow card problems, strategic substitution, a blowout, playing more than one game in a day, etc)
A depth chart thus forces all those who are serious about the club to practice hard and to fight for their 'position'.  This induces a more competitive enviroment and everyone benefits.  Note: there are many ways to determine the depth chart:  democratic vote, captain decision with help of a select few, coach's decision, practice attendance, even competitive games at practice.

Solution D:  Ro Sham Bo for playing time.  You know, South Park, Cartman?!  "I kick you in the nuts as hard as I can and then you kick me in the nuts as hard as you can."  Whomever the last 11 standing are, they'll get to play.